Kitchen Stool Advice

When deciding upon what kitchen stool would best suit your breakfast bar, there are a number of points to consider ensuring an ideal match that looks and fits perfectly with your bar table, countertop or new kitchen island.

 Height Of Stool

Height is the most important point to consider; get this part wrong and the kitchen stool will not fit in its designated area. There are usually two heights of bar on the market; domestic height which is around 90cm the same as kitchen counters and bar tables, or the taller poseur table and commercial bar height of 100cm. To ensure comfort, it is desirable to leave a 20cm gap between the seat cushion and underside of the table or work surface to accommodate your legs, so the height is paramount. Thus, for a bar height you need a seat of around 65 – 70cm, and for commercial height a seat of 75 – 80cm.

There are several fixed frame and four legged stools available that suit each instance, but for real functionality, there is no substitute for a gas lift bar stool. It is easy to see how these stools are the most numerous available; the gas lift mechanism gives variable height and 360 degree swivel, providing superb dynamics and allowing you to tailor the stool for each individual and circumstance, as well as giving easy access.

 Width Of Stool

The width of the stool is the next dimension to take into account. This tells you how many stools you can conceivably fit at your bar area. A gap of 10 – 15cm or more between the seats is suggested, giving you easy access and manoeuvrability to rotate the stools without hitting into one another. Therefore, when deciding on the stools you want, always add 10 – 15cm onto the width of each unit to account for the space you need between. Then divide your total length of bar space by this width to get the maximum number of stools you can contain.

 Stool Frame Finish

The onus is then on the kitchen stool frame finish , with chrome and brushed steel on offer. The decision is usually solved by personal preference, but it can be difficult choosing. Chrome plating is very durable and scratch resistant, with a dazzling mirror finish that reflects its surroundings, whilst brushed steel is hand worked into a subdued, striated finish that matches contemporary kitchen appliances and fittings, subtle yet eye catching.

 Stool Seat Material

You are then ready to pick the seat style and material, which depends mostly again on preference and looks. There is a medley of materials available, from solid wood that comes in finishes ranging from light oak to dark walnut giving a traditional touch to futuristic acrylic Perspex with translucent coloured seats. ABS resin is a hard wearing polymer used for moulded ergonomic styles, with a retro high gloss finish that adds visual impact, whilst you can also find padded designs that utilise high density foam for exemplary comfort. These come upholstered in genuine real leather for an opulent, upmarket feel or more usually, in hard wearing yet soft faux leather. This comes in a mind boggling array of colours, from minimal black and white to zesty green and orange, ensuring that there is an ideal match of kitchen stool for you and for any period or style of décor.

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