Kitchen Chairs

Agreeably, the heart of the home is the kitchen, as it is the place where people dine as a family, complete work and socialise with friends, discussing their daily affairs in depth. Having the right kitchen chair is somewhat crucial in ensuring that the above events can happen comfortably, and of course, enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. With such an expansive variety of kitchen chairs today, finding the right kitchen chair for a home has never been easier!

There are certain essential features of a kitchen chair that a potential customer will be looking for. Firstly, they may consider the design of the frame. Most typically come with four legs, which add to the sense of security, preferable for a family with young children! Nonetheless, the interior industry have now evolved to include chairs with gas lift mechanisms like the Odessa Dining Chair, and crossed legs such as the Vogue Dining Chair, which as a bonus, and rather appropriate for a dining environment, can fit more than one person. The stability of the kitchen chair is also important; both of the examples above are very secure and come with protective rubber parts on the base, to protect the floor. Kitchen chairs tend to have long, supportive backrests, which are convenient for people who tend to sit for extended periods of time, away from their desk.

Customers will inevitably look for a bar stool which matches, or complements, the kitchen decor to add to the beauty of the kitchen. Several factors are taken into account when doing this, for example, the material. Traditionally, kitchen chairs are made out of wood, popular choices being oak, pine and bentwood cherry. People tend to go for wood because it’s a practical, sustainable material, which can stand the test of time of many family generations. Wooden chairs can also be easily shaped to create the desired contour, for example the Bastille Dining Chair or even the La Madeline Chair.

For those who wish to have a more contemporary look, there are dining chairs made from vinyl, metal and plastic. Such materials are also durable and have the potential give a kitchen the distinctive, cutting edge. The plastic Deco Chair is suitable for a family, as it is stackable, can be easily cleaned and comes in an array of colours. Colours can be co-ordinated to work with, or even against, the theme already present in a room. Lively colours such as yellow, blue and red make a very bold statement, whereas softer colours like cream, lime green and lilac induce a calmimg atmosphere.

Whatever your preference, whether you have a small kitchen, or an open plan kitchen and dining room, there is bound to be a kitchen chair suitable for you. Being that kitchen chairs are the most used and easily noticeable piece of furniture in any kitchen, it makes complete sense to invest time and love into this incredibly inviting dining space. Now, that’s certainly food for thought!

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