Bar Tables

So…you’re making those essential finishing touches to that special room, kitting it out with stools and chairs, a lick of fresh paint and accessories. Amidst the excitement, it might be easy to overlook the necessity to find a bar table that’s not only practical, but appealing, bringing the theme of the room together. Luckily, we now live in a society where people are spoilt for choice!

When choosing a bar table, a customer may firstly consider the height required. Bar tables in a domestic setting are typically 90cm and would suit most bar stools and dining chairs. Someone looking for a table, which could be used commercially, is likely to go for a table with height ranging from 90cm to 110cm. For a consumer who’d like the best of both worlds, there are tables which come with extensions, like the Sparkle Chrome Bar Table or even gas lift mechanisms, like the Embassy Gas Lift Bar Table!

Once the height is conquered, a customer may consider the finish of the metalwork. Some people prefer the shiny, chrome finish which looks very sleek. Others may choose the stainless steel finish, which tends to sit flush with other pieces of furniture. In terms of table tops, people may go for a square version, where clean cut lines and ample space for 4 or more people encourage compelling conversations. Round table tops are usually considered for more informal settings; perhaps for a social affair or a cosy meet-and-greet.

The material of the bar table is certainly an important feature, and with several choices available, a potential customer would be hard-pressed not to find the perfect one for their home/business. There are bar tables in wooden, faux leather, High ABS Gloss and even coloured glass finishes. Wooden bar tables, like the Sovereign Walnut Bar Table are practical, easy to maintain and would blend in very well with other pieces of furniture. For those looking for something quite different, the Square Bar Stool Table has a faux leather cover, which also requires little maintenance and can withstand hot temperatures of food and drink. Coloured table tops, in either High ABS Gloss or Glass can, without being too abrasive, break up the monotony of a plain background, and induce a bright, cheery atmosphere.

Bar tables, in their variety of shapes and sizes, colours and materials, have the ability to give any room a purpose, whether in a professional or personal environment. With the right combination, a potential buyer will almost certainly have a reason to celebrate!

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