Designer Stools

Proud home owners, renters, businessmen and women are forever looking for opportunities to differentiate themselves from the rest, by introducing funky, alternative designer items to their place of work/rest. The bar stool industry has now evolved to fill that void, and has made available a plethora of designer stools to tickle the fancy of the eclectic-minded.

Potential customers may concentrate their attention firstly on the metalwork. Chrome metalwork tends to be the choice of those who are looking for a sleek, immaculate finish. Brushed steel is equally appealing to customers for its muted tone. Secondly a customer may look into the option of a footrest. Several designer stools have a footrest which people turn to for added comfort, when sitting for long periods of time, especially if the stool is adjusted to its highest level. The footrest itself may also have an intriguing design, like the Cello Bar Stool. Some designer stool footrests are semi-circular; others are completely spherical, so the feet are supported in any direction that the bar stool is placed.

Height is also a factor that people consider; there are designer stools with the option of adjustable height, or fixed height, for those who intend to place their designer stools somewhere specific, where they will stand out.

Potential customers, after covering the essentials, may search for a design that matches with what they’ve imagined for themselves. For a consumer looking for something with the X Factor, the Veer Bar Stool may be of some interest. It’s eye-catching tilted metalwork gives the sense of rebellion, and could very much act as a focal point for a home or business. For those looking for a bit more excitement, the Profile Bar Stool is certainly a contender. With its unusually shapely backrest and an assortment of colours and materials, its appeal is undeniable.

Colours can help to accentuate the theme of the room, and can be used to co-ordinate pieces of furniture together, harmoniously. Some designer stools have the quirky combination of two colours, such as the Cream and Brown Monza Bar Stool, or the Green and White Chi Bar Stool. Daring members of the public may opt for bold, bright colours such as red, black and yellow. Calmer tones like cream, mint greens and blues, keep a room feeling light, airy and fresh.

The material of designer stools can differ greatly; faux leather tends to be popular because it can be easily maintained, whereas real leather gives the consumer a feeling of luxury. Wooden designer stools are very practical for frequent use and can also be moulded to incorporate style. High ABS Gloss has the ability to carry very bold colours and when translucent, allows for an ample amount of light to shine through, emphasising the space of a room.

Designer bar stools can act as an extension of someone’s personality. Whether you are a keen professional, or a fun-loving stool enthusiast, there is bound to be a designer stool which tickles your fancy!

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